Post Processing

Vapour Smoothing

We use a fully-automated surface finishing technology that smooths and seals the surface of 3D printed polymer parts. This machine achieves a surface finish with an injection-molded look and feel.

PostPro 3D: Breakdown

Now this machine is something to get excited about. The only one of its kind in Australasia, the PostPro3D by AMT is a game-changer when it comes to the world of post-processing. This industry-leading technology uses fully-automated surface finishing innovation that smooths and seals the surface of 3D printed polymer parts to be waterproof and air-tight, with an injection mould look and feel.


The process is non ‘line-of-sight’, so it can smooth complex geometries and internal cavities in thermoplastic parts, without degrading their dimensional accuracy. Vapour smoothing is compatible with over 100 materials of varying printing technologies, both powder-bed fusion and fused filament fabrication.

PostPro DP Pro

PostPro DP PRO is the solution for cleaning or shot blasting parts hour after hour, eliminating time and cost-consuming interventions in your post-processing chain. It is ergonomically designed and equipped with features to increase your throughput.

postpro dp pro