DLP: Digital Light Processing

DLP: Breakdown

If we were to compare the Digital Light Processing (DLP) machine to some of our other advanced additive manufacturing technologies, the closest resemblance would be to the SLA. While they are much the same, the difference is that instead of using a laser to trace out the path of a layer while curing along the way, the Digital Light Processing technology uses a projected light source to cure the layer all in one go.

The functionality of the machine makes it suitable for manufacturing smaller parts with finer details, rather than those large-scale projects that require a high volume of units. 

DLP Materials

Versatile, rigid heat-resistant material combines speed, applications strength, and excellent mechanical properties for toolless direct production of polymer parts.

Best Use:

  • Tool-less, same-day production 
  • Direct production of small black plastic parts; examples include motor housings, connectors, snap-fits, automotive interior, and other general-use parts.
  • Digital production to replace injection molding or soft tooling processes

Available Finishes:

Natural, Post Processed

Data Sheets: